Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Portable Accommodations & Offices, TF Jackson Accommodations

Looking for a portable office, something that allows you to relocate your office from one city to another? Often times you will find it necessary to relocate your business to another city, and instead of renting a new space, these portable cabins provided by TF Jackson Accommodations will perhaps be the portable accommodation that you need.

In their selection are a superb collection of units that can be selected from their 5 acre site situated in Buxton, Derbyshire. TF Jackson accommodation has a good reputation throughout Europe known for their expertise in portable accommodations. Living on one city while your office is located in another is often inconvenient. Not only do you spend a lot of time on the road driving back and forth, but you may often lose business and many clients as well.

For those that simply like to live in portable accommodations, TF Jackson has some of the best choices of portable cabins to choose from. They reassure the public that all their work is carried out in high standards including electric, lighting, heating, etc providing you with an excellent accommodation. Every used portable building undergoes complete refurbishment in their workshop.

Ken Nunoo

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kaveh said...

Thanks to TF Jackson our office relocation is now postponed by 1 month at least! we bought an office container from them, paid £850 + VAT plus £375 + VAT transportation back in December. When they delivered the container i check inside and i thought they had just washed the floor but i never thought a firm in that size may have sold me a dodgy container! i shut the door and left it up until today, when we decided to move furniture into the container. Lucky enough it was a rainy day, and we noticed what we bought. It was POURING in the container; the entire ceiling is SOAKING WET! i contacted them to let them know about the problem and they said they will get back to me which they never did! i followed up and eventually managed to get hold of someone who seemed to be in charge. He started to give me instruction how to fix it and etc. I told him we do not have time for this, we paid for an office container to be usable and in reasonable good condition, if this needs to be fixed at some stage it has to be done in your premises by yourself, we just need a replacement or you come over to fix it here! He said “you are not listening to me! i am telling you how to fix or if you can’t fix it get someone to do it and we will PROBABLY recover the cost!! I said " probably is not good enough, we need a certain answer! at this point i was left on my own with a dodgy container office and over £1300 spent from the money that we worked for it plus all the cost of delaying the relocation to re-arrange another container from elsewhere... I cannot believe this!