Monday, September 28, 2009

The buyer’s guide, shopwiki

Shopwiki is an online shopper’s search engine designed exclusively for the shopper looking for various merchandise online. Whether you are shopping for Computers and accessories, or office furniture shopwiki will display the results of many stores that carry what you are looking for. You as a consumer will only be exposed to stores that carry the merchandise you are looking for.

Unlike most search engines which return results on all kinds, shopwiki only crawls through all the stores online that meet your requirements. This approach eliminates the cluster of having to go through many irrelevant websites and it only directs you to online stores that carry the products you are looking for. Shopwiki's, search engine program displays all stores that carry the merchandise you are looking for within the category of your search.

At a quick glance the consumer is able to compare prices, determine which stores have the item in stock and make the appropriate choices. Here is the consumer’s buyers guide at glance. Let us say you are looking for school supplies for your kids. Shopwiki will display the school supplies buyers guide, organized by various items that are relevant to school supplies. Even without knowing what to buy, all items that will be of value to your search are listed together on that page making it convenient and easy for the consumer to shop.

Ken Nunoo

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