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The Seed Master written by Ken Nunoo is a book on religion and spirituality. This book is four books in one: The Seed Master, Poems of Inspiration & Poems of Wisdom, The book of Psalms, The book of Games. This book is published by Lulu is available at,,, Barnes & Nobles and many online retail book stores. The following chapters are discussed in the book.
The Seed Master degree of the first flame
Chapter 1. God is the SEED
2. Analysis of Genesis
3. The Stairway to heaven
4. God, gods, and angels
5. The Divine Trinity
6. The Divine Trinity of Lights
8. The symbol of the first flame
9. The altar of the first flame
10. Handling prayer requests
12. Energies of sound
14. Divine Alchemy
15. Hebrew as a spiritual language
16. The Gender principle
17. The Gender of the Hebrew alphabets
19. Interpretation of dreams

The Seed Master degree of the second flame

23. Keh-Zod-Oh-Neh-Sey the healing angel
24. Te-oo-ii-te-te the healing angel
26. Se-ii-ge-ah-se the healing angel
29. Oh-keh-ah-neh-meh the healing angel
30. Divination

The Seed Master degree of the third flame

31. The symbol of the degree of the third flame
34. To see visions in the air
35. spiritual baths and spiritual cleansing
36. How to charge water with magnetism
37. How spiritual manifestation work
38. Living in alternate dimensions

Poems of Inspiration & Poems of Wisdom

- Change is a necessity of life
- The irony of riches
- The enemy of my enemy
- The hand is what feeds you
- The eyes of the mind
- Hope for a better tomorrow
- Faith
- Bird of prey
- Marriage is unity
- The structure of the ideal government
- Envy is a destroyer of light
- Jealousy is a destroyer of light
- The heart unafraid
- Hatred is a destroyer of light
- The Arc, compass & ruler
- The Lord is our warrior
- The Lord is my healer
- The Truth

The book of Psalms re-written
- Psalm 1 – Psalm 151

Games by Ken Nunoo
- Kic-Kat-Ken
- Ken-kan-not-bet
- Ken-loves-me-ken-loves-me-not

Author : Ken Nunoo
No of Words: approximately 91,839
No of Pages: approximately 435
Author Email:

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The Seed Master (paperback)

THE SEED MASTER (Kindle Edition)

The Trinity of Lights(paperback)

The Trinity of Lights (E-book version)
The Trinity of Lights (Kindle Edition)

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The great Chinese philosopher "Lao Tsu" wrote the exact same thoughts in his book "Tao Te Ching"... His book is from the 6th century B.C... It's available on Amazon...